Educational Supervision

Educational supervision has become an urgent necessity in any school that seeks to develop its performance, compete with its counterparts, and convince its customers to distinguish their educational outcomes. Recognizing the importance of educational supervision and its outstanding role in advancing and developing the education process, the Board of Directors of The Community Elite Schools issued the administrative decision attached to the launch of the educational supervision department in schools. In order to frame the objectives, tasks and mechanisms of the work of this section, I have worked hard to prepare this guide with procedural business models to guide the first fellow teachers to start their supervisory tasks. He asked the Holy Lord to benefit from this effort our children students and that everyone should be successful with what he loves and pleases Educational supervision is “a process of communication and human interaction between the various parties of the educational process and its elements, to exchange meanings, opinions and verbal and non-verbal feelings, which is the basis for all human relations that go beyond sending and receiving messages, the supervision in its depth is overlapping and continuous communication processes humanly, technically and administratively, it is a humanitarian technical process aimed at improving and developing the process of education.

Elements of educational supervision

1 – Strengthening human relations between the elements of the educational process and strengthening mutual respect.

2 – Improving and developing the educational process with its pillars.

3 – Flexibility of work and distance from routine.

4 – The supervisor / the first teacher is a good example in every matter he practices, so he should take every step into account

5 – Emphasis on the principle of consultation with colleagues before taking any decision.


Jobs of educational supervision

1 – Administrative functions: such as taking responsibility for leadership in educational work, and what entails in terms of direction, guidance, advice, appointment, transfers … etc.

2 – Refresher jobs: such as encouraging teachers to scientific and educational production

3- Training jobs: such as teachers ’commitment to training, for their growth, improving their performance levels, and thus improving the educational position in general.

4 – Research functions: a sense of the problems and issues that hinder the educational process, and achieve the continuous growth of students and their actual participation in modern society.

5 – Evaluation functions: such as measuring the compatibility of the teacher’s work with the goals, curricula and directives of the educational institution.

6- Analytical functions: providing teachers with how to analyze the curriculum according to theoretical models for curriculum analysis and development.

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