mid and secondary girls

Director’s Speech

We feel a great responsibility in which the awe of honesty interferes with the spirit of hope and determination, and we are sure that every step we take will be either cost or investment.

Therefore, we are keen to make sure that these steps are carefully studied in line with the requirements of the changing era, we put at the top of our priorities the quality of education, which is the most important challenges that must be dealt with a sophisticated strategic vision that requires the preparation and creation of an educational environment that stimulates creativity and excellence, while seeking to benefit from the best experiences and applications leading in the field of quality, as we seek to employ best practices to achieve our vision to be schools characterized in the education and education of its students to serve the community efficiently and effectively in an educational and educational environment. It promotes virtue, encourages creativity, promotes educational achievement, and works in a team spirit.

We also strive to be a true educational institution by

  1. Constantly reviewing the school’s educational and educational systems policy.
  2. To prepare an independent educational body that is carefully selected, motivated and trained to increase its loyalty and affiliation to the profession.
  3. Work to strengthen the abilities of our students and fill the talent and creativity gap in all fields at the local and regional level.
  4. Our schools, thankfully, are rich in a special human wealth that will help us, God willing, for what we are about to maintain our high educational structure.

The successive successes of our schools will be a path on which we will base our development and reform plans that are consistent with educational developments and Islamic values, so that our students will occupy a wide space in the march of good and construction in our dear country as the heart of The Arabs and the kiss of Muslims.


Student responsibilities

  • Presence on time for morning line-up, classes and pre-scheduled appointments.
  • Attend school actively and are ready to contribute and actively engage in all classes and activities.
  • Complete and deliver all homework at specified times.
  • Adhere to and abide by all the instructions and regulations adopted in the schools of the features of the elite and related to behavior inside and outside the classroom.
  • The need to listen and respond positively to constructive feedback and use it to improve learning.
  • The constant pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Show respect and interest in dealing with all members of the community of community landmarks.
  • Help keep the school environment safe.

Student rights

  • To provide quality-based curricula with distinct teaching methods that meet the individual and developmental needs of all female students.
  • Approval of the curriculum provided to female students with Saudi culture and Islamic identity.
  • Provide a safe environment that promotes learning and establish beneficial relationships with all members of the community of community landmark schools.
  • Develop a strategy to develop and improve the individual differences between female students and promote them according to their abilities and inclinations.
  • Provide treatment programs and programs to improve behavior when needed.

Attendance and absence policy

Attendance policy:

  • You must attend school every day unless you are sick, have a family death, or have an appointment in court or hospital.
  • If you want to get out of school early, your mother or guardian must inform the school in advance, before 8:00 a.m. from the same day except for the deaths, where your guardian can request permission to leave at any time and can only leave school after permission has been obtained from the agent.
  • The rest of the cases will not allow you to leave school until 1:00 pm, and no requests to leave will be accepted after 8:00 a.m. that day.
  • When you come to school the day after you have been absent, you must bring a letter from your guardian explaining why you are absent with (medical excuse/notes from the doctor/ appointment card) and handing it over to the department agent.
  • You must complete the tasks and assignments you missed during your absence.

Delay Policy,

  • The student’s frequent delays will expose her to a certain score or to assess the skills of behavior and attendance.
  • If you are delayed more than 3 times in one week, the school will discuss your future in these schools.
  • Proof of the reason for the delay must be brought from the guardian.

Getting out of school due to sandstorms/dust storms/rain:

  • According to the order issued by the Minister of Education, the school will allow the departure of female students with a particular disease only (as recorded by the school doctor) and the doctor may recommend the early discharge of certain female students.

School doctor’s visit

  • The student can visit the school clinic during classes if he or she has written permission from the teacher, except in emergency cases.
  • If the doctor considers that your condition requires going to the house or hospital, the doctor will contact you and inform the management of the stage, and you should wait for your guardian at the school clinic.


  • In the event that the student is unable to attend the school, the guardian is required to call the school before 7:30 a.m. on each day of absence or obtain permission before absence, and a disciplinary action will be signed on the student if an admission excuse is not notified to the school administration.
School leader

School management

Khadija Al-Muthadi

School leader

Phone: 920007764-966+
Ext: 280

Fadwa al-Dosari

School's agent

Phone: 920007764-966+
Ext: 257

Amal Al-Shari'im

School's agent

Phone: 920007764-966+
Ext: 256

Phone: +966-920007764
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