Public administration

Department of Management

Administrative affairs oversees the processes of linking all the services provided by its departments, namely the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Operation and Maintenance, the Security Guard Company, the Department of Transportation and the supervision of operational and construction contracts in order to perform all tasks in the best way and to take advantage of the possibilities available to those departments, taking advantage of computer technology, office equipment and other available equipment.



  • Monitoring and monitoring the performance of all school departments and staff and reporting related to this.
  • Supervising the human resources and employment department and following up its work.
  • Supervising the traffic department and the process of transporting students and supervising buses and drivers in coordination with the traffic official.

Office equipment for school staff.

  • Follow-up maintenance and operation work in educational buildings.
  • Follow-up of educational buildings including (electricity, plumbing, blacksmithing, carpentry, … etc.)
  • It is also interested in cleaning work, toiletries etc……
  • Quality and quality control and follow-up guarantees of all buildings for example (fire systems air conditioning paint – etc….)
  • Modeling era delivery example (air-conditioning remote _connections _keys)
  • Field supervision of contractual maintenance workers for all companies and contractors and tours of all buildings to detect all equipment and equipment on a daily basis.
  • Take into account the individual safety aspect and give it the importance it deserves when studying students.
  • Follow-up attendance and departure automatically for teachers, teachers, administrators and administrators.


Department of Finance

It is one of the departments of schools associated with the general administration and the general supervisor, and aims to start all financial and accounting work in accordance with the instructions and regulations in force whether the regulations of schools or regulations of the Ministry of Finance, and the preparation of financial reports and final account annually, and the department is followed by the accounting and audit department, the department of accounts, the department of admission and registration, the department of the fund and the department of stores.


  1. To carry out all the calculations of linking and disbursing dues to all school employees in accordance with the applicable regulations, regulations, instructions and orders.
  2. Participating in the preparation of the draft general budget for schools.
  3. Issuing advance decisions.
  4. Implementing financial regulations and follow-up the movement of budget items with the observation of the safety of the exchange and not exceeding the funds.
  5. Prepare the necessary accounts and financial reports (such as the monthly account, and the final account requested by the competent government authorities).
  6. Prepare periodic reports on school activities, achievements and proposals to develop their work.
  7. Preparing transport notes to and from budget items.
  8. Registration of credits and the introduction of the items in the financial management program.
  9. Prepare bank settlement statements, revenues and close accounts at the end of the fiscal year.
  10. Do the periodic inventory work of the fund and prepare the records to do so.
  11. Follow-up on the status of payment and collection of tuition fees
  12. Carrying out collection and exchange procedures to meet school obligations.
  13. Recruitment processes and payment of tuition fees.

Public administration

Professor: Suleiman al-Saleh
General Supervisor
Phone ext:
Prof. Youssef Ahmed
Managing Director
Phone ext:

Public Administration Team Communication Guide

Administrator Ext Phone
General supervisor 131
Managing Director 175
Movement official 122
Admission and registration official 121
Personnel 130
IT 174
Accounts 171
Media Center 169
Phone: +966-920007764
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