General Superintendent of Schools

Mr. SulaimanAl-Saleh

General Superintendent of Schools

Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace to the most honorable prophets and missionaries, our Prophet Muhammad, and to God and his companions.

Education is considered in our time to live a series of transformations that did not occur before where the traditional education that depends on the shed and the healer, and today we live this prosperous era in Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful crown and the blessed vision (2030) that accompanied the development and scientific openness to reach the peak in the competition of time in hours and minutes, Through this blessed vision, we keep up with this excellence and renewal in education, by simulating all means and education technology, as well as selecting teachers who can reach the desired goals as much as possible.

I ask God to help us to perform the message and honesty through these schools to the fullest, to raise our sons and daughters, students, and to achieve their wishes with excellence and success.

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